Devoted Lux Boxes: the Headbands- 5 headbands


Want to add more headbands and tiebacks to your newborn studio collection?

The headband box is a one time purchase for you to purchase when you want at any given time with subscription prices!! You choose which color option you would like when you want it. NOW WITH MORE!!

The headband box will a variety of styles and can contain 5 headbands.
2 or 3 dainty headbands (1-2 hand rolled florals with accent greens)
1 or 2 standard headbands (3-4 hand rolled florals with accent greens +berries/pearls)

Color choices:
Neutral - light tan, pale blush, cream, white, pale grey, navy
Pastel Shades - soft blue, sage, soft yellow, soft pink, lilac
Earth Tones - rust, mustard, browns, berries, hunter green, navy, turquoise
Muted Tones - sage, blush, rose, seaside, ocean
Jewel - jewel toned colors emerald, amethyst, garnet, topaz, ruby, sapphire
Mixed - any assortment of the above color combinations

All headbands and tiebacks included will fit newborn to sitter.

A $99 value.

**note the photo shown is just a sample of what MAY be included**